A Letter from the Ed4Training's Founders

A Letter from the Ed4Training's Founders

We believe in the power of education and specifically online education to challenge us and help us grow. We both have PhDs in counseling psychology and understand the need for lifelong learning. We see the best in people and hope that they will always want to grow in both wisdom and knowledge.

We started our journeys in private practice as psychotherapists but quickly realized the need for ongoing education to improve one’s chances for a happy, healthy, and successful future. We both entered the education industry as a way to support our desire to assist people in their growth and to attain their goals in life. Since the early 1980s, before online education was available, we taught in secondary education, at the college level, and in corporations leading people to a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

We were both early adopters of technology, incorporating it into our lives as soon as it was available to individuals in their homes and offices and as soon as online education became accessible we embraced the technology of education. By the year 2000, we quickly understood the value of the internet to provide equal opportunities to quality education for people all over. We saw that you could be in the military stationed in a foreign country and still be able to complete your college degree or be a psychotherapist in a rural setting and still access the latest ongoing continuing education. We also saw the need for continuity in the learning approach for the adult learner.

This journey led us to create Ed4Training. We were able to combine our love of education, technology, and psychology to develop online education that makes sense to the adult learner. The online education industry is an ever-evolving space where we are learning more and more about how the adult learner learns. We understand that flashy may be entertaining but research has shown that it isn’t particularly good for education. Adults want to be given the information they need to know in a variety of different modalities but with the ability to progress at their own pace through the material. Ed4Training supports this adult learning style.

Our courses are self-paced and incorporate a variety of learning methods and varied multi-media. We also give students access to external information so that they can get connected to websites, videos, blogs, and communities that are in their field of interest. This type of learning encourages the adult to see their education as a portal to ongoing life-long learning about themselves, their world, and their industry.

Our hope is that we all continue to learn and grow to both better ourselves and the world around us. Come and join us in this educational revolution!


Dr. Rusty Barrier & Dr. Tricia Seymour