Our Story


Ed4Training provides high-quality online staff training solutions to client organizations in the health & human services industry making sure clients achieve and maintain regulatory standards so that our clients can continue to grow and make a difference in the world.

Ed4Training offers high-quality online staff training solutions for providers in the health and human services industry. We understand the industry, and the care, warmth, and dedication required to provide the safe environment your clients need and deserve. Together, side-by-side, Ed4Training provides complete assistance and support that allows our clients to maintain regulatory standards and professionalism.

Though established in 2009, we have been in the health and human services industry for many years serving providers, clients, and staff in the industry.

As psychotherapists and educators, founders, Dr. Rusty Barrier & Dr. Tricia Seymour, share their knowledge and experiences with their team and clients to provide the finest solutions from those who have experience in the industry.

"We are in the industry to serve our clients and deliver excellence in the services and solutions we present to each and every one of them."
- Dr. Tricia Seymour

Designed and centered with our clients in mind, our courses are self-paced and engaging for users, and allow easy tracking and reporting for clients. With a multitude of courses and resources available, we create growth and development for our clients to continue to be of service to others.

With the heart and passion in what we do, Ed4Training welcomes clients into a long-term supportive relationship that builds and grows their organizations and agencies. Ed4Training provides the high-quality, convenient, and cost-effective training that supports your team in maintaining their current skills and building new ones so they can meet the needs of your clientele. As we work together, we can surely make a difference.

Our Values:

Care & Understanding: Appreciation and recognition for the difference our clients are making in the lives of their consumers.

Passion: Heart and mind put in the work we do with the drive to make a difference.

Quality: Excellence in our products and services to build long-term relationships and growth to benefit our clients.

Integrity: High-quality of honesty and staying true to our clients.

Resource: Importance in providing up-to-date information and news in the health and human services industry.