Introducing Ed4HHS

Get to know Ed4HHS with this fun video! Offering high-quality and convenient online staff training solution, Ed4HHS is with you every step of the way where you're not treated as a number but as part of the family! Let Ed4HHS be your guide to high-quality staff training that meets your needs and goals.

We make Mission Impossible - Mission Possible

Staff training can be an impossible mission to accomplish, but with Ed4HHS we make that mission possible.Ed4HHS not only brings providers in the health and human services industry an inexpensive and high-quality staff training solution, but we bring the support and assistance you need.

Why Choose Ed4HHS?

Why choose Ed4HHS as your online staff training solution? Ed4HHS is a complete online training resource for organizations and agencies in the health and human services industry looking to increase knowledge, efficiency and improve outcomes for organizational success.

Together We Can Make A Difference!

Ed4HHS offers continuing education for the health and human services industry. Together we can make a difference! Our mission and passion is to help you and your staff be the best you can be. We support you and your team with online education to help you learn and grow.